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VR SHINECON is a Multifunction and high quality 3D glasses.Pupil distance adjusting button .Adsorption type switch.The object distance adjusting button.Removable adsrption front cover .Human body engineering cortical patch .Optical glasses.Focus adjustment knob.
How to Use 1.Download and play test video:Pls use a mobile phone to scan qr cose into the software download interface , according to choose to install 3d broadcast sowing APP phone system , download the test about whether or not split screen video and games and normal play .2.How to use the device :Gently open the adsorption type switch at the top, hold the mobile phone screen facing inwardly, gently touch scale adjustment card slot , place your phone , and then close the cover plate , if you find the picture is upside down , pls adjusting the direction of mobile phone .3.The Lens adjustment function :PD adjustment: Adjust the PD of lens.Object distance adjustment: Object distance adjustment can adapt myopia , without wearing myupia lens


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